New Blog Format: Word Press

One of my goals for this year is to keep our Team Summit blog updated on a regular basis. That said, at the end of a long day in the classroom, it’s hard to be creative/innovative with the posts.

We are launching three of our key initiatives this week.  First, in language arts we introduced the Personal Learning Plans or PLPs.  Mandated by the state of Vermont, these flexible learning plans will allow students to create, curate, analyze, and reflect on their work and development as learners.

Team Summit’s PLP plan is set up to be a process, not a final product.  Entering students work their way through Phase 1 with guided assistance from class activities.  Gradually, as students move through the phase, they become more independent.

Phase 2, hypothetically, begins in the 8th grade year.  Students are given more opportunity to explore academic and career opportunities as well as exploring and reflecting on topics of interest.  More information, and the phase progression can be found here: Team Summit Personalized Learning Plans.

Later in the week we will be hosting our first Minecraft session and introducing our Green Team committees for the year.  I’ll be posting more about those later in the week.


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