Personalized Learning Plans and Cross-Curriculum Integration

One advantage of implementing Personal Learning Plans is the possibility of cross-curriculum integration and learning. There are numerous opportunities for teachers to collaborate, innovate, and develop learning activities in partnership with colleagues and students.

Because the PLP is “portable”, students can incorporate activities from different classes into the platform. This presents teachers with the opportunity for the assessment of multiple standards and skills. Students can utilize this portability to demonstrate their expertise in different learning environments.

An example that is in development at Main Street Middle School involves foreign language students creating videos documenting their emerging foreign language skills. Once the video is created, students self-assess themselves based on their foreign language fluency. But it doesn’t end there. Students can also assess their presentation skills, body language, and, for students comfortable with technology, filming and video presentation. Super-motivated students and teachers could also have students annotate those videos to document strengths and challenges.

Building on the review of the skills present in the videos, students can then set goals for future learning opportunities. Because the PLP travels with the student, skill improvement and growth can be documented over time and across the classes. Students then have evidence that can be shared with teachers and parents to demonstrate development.

A third opportunity connected to the PLP is the development, integration, and assessment of the Agency of Education’s Transferable Skill set. Though this can be accomplished in stand-alone classrooms, collaboration across the curriculum enables students to realize the integration of these skills throughout their educational program.


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